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Keman Marine & Industrial Products

PT Kemenangan manufactures various products from Rubber Fender, Steel Buoys, PE Buoys, Bearing Pads, PVC Hose, Rubber Hose, PE Boats, and more.

Our Products

Keman Rubber Fender by PT Kemenangan

Dock Rubber Fender

Various types of rubber fender

OCIMF Floating Hose, Keman Rubber Hose

Rubber Hose

OCIMF standard rubber hose

Keman Mooring Chains

Mooring Equipment

Mooring Buoys, Chains, QRH

yokohama fender keman pneumatic fender, floating fender

Pneumatic Fender Rental

Various sizes are ready to deploy

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No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Our team at PT Kemenangan is eager to help you find the most suitable solutions for your projects. Our in-house marine engineers and designers are committed to design the most cost efficient solutions and safest marine structures, either mooring buoys, navigation buoys, light buoys, floating hoses, PE floats, polyethylene buoys, or any other structures. Our production team will work hand in hand with our QC (quality control) team to make sure your products will be delivered in the most perfect conditions.

Marine Rubber Fenders manufactured by PT Kemenangan is the best in Indonesia. Our dock fenders can withstand 100,000 DWT ship load.

PT Kemenangan holds many prestigious certifications like PIANC, IALA, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, Llyod’s Register, TKDN, APDN, SNI, and many more.

Years Established

Completed Projects

Latest Projects

Tsunami Data Buoy PT Kemenangan

Tsunami Data Buoy

PT Kemenangan produces various buoys both steel and polyethylene. We are the only company in Indonesia producing tsunami data buoy.

Dock Rubber Fender Repair by PT Kemenangan

Rubber Fender Installation

PT Kemenangan does not only sell marine rubber fenders, but also providing professional dock fender installations.

Dock Rubber Fender Repair by PT Kemenangan

Jetty Renovation

PT Kemenangan provides a complete marine solution both products and services. We have the expertise to do a complete makeover of your jetties and docks.

We Have Over 68 Years of Experience

PT Kemenangan is local and private Indonesian company located in the central of Jakarta. Although there have been renovations, our office’s address stays the same since the inception of our company. Our business keeps growing no matter what the economic conditions are.

Let’s Build Something Together

PT Kemenangan is confident to handle your project from beginning to completion. You can rest asure, we will deliver your need in timely manner.

Does PT Kemenangan accept custom order?

We at PT Kemenangan are committed to satisfy our clients and customers. We will try our best to accommodate all of your need and specifications. Please do let us know all of your project requirements and our engineers will design, calculate, and check if they can be realized or there have to be some adjustments and modifications needed.

Does PT Kemenangan rent or lease out marine equipment?

PT Kemenangan has the most sizes and stocks of pneumatic fender or Yokohama fender ready for rental in Indonesia. We also have mooring buoys, rubber hoses, and ship launching airbags for rent.

Does PT Kemenangan have any certification?

PT Kemenangan hold many different certifications. We have:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001
  • SNI
  • IALA
  • TKDN
  • APDN
  • SNI
  • TAC (Type Approval Certification)
  • MAC (Manufacture Approval Certification)
Does PT Kemenangan have an in-house testing facility?

PT Kemenangan has our own testing facility to test all of our products. We can also have third party inspections from ABS, LR, DNV-GL, or any other certification body.

Do products made by PT Kemenangan have any warranty?

PT Kemenangan stands by our high quality products. We offer the best manufacture’s warranty to give all of our customers a guaranteed peace of mind.

Customer Testimonials

“PT Kemenangan produces high quality products with a competitive price. Product discussion and alternative solutions are really helpful.”

Krakatau Bandar Samudera

“PT Kemenangan has a complete facility to produce high quality products and a complete set of product testing tools.”

Adhi Karya

“PT Kemenangan has proven references, offering top level service and extensive experience in product design and engineering.”

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