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PT Kemenangan produces custom designed tower according to your needs.

PT Kemenangan manufactures GRP tower, lattice tower, and single pipe tower. We produce custom designed tower according to your needs and the surrounding requirements.

GRP tower is lightweight, weather resistant and corrosion proof. KEMAN glass-reinforce plastic (GRP) Tower can be installed at ports or harbors to support aids to navigation, such as lantern and racon.

Lattice tower and single pipe tower are made from steel and therefore stronger than GRP tower.

Our designers and engineers will be gladly helping you choose the most suitable design and type of tower to best fit the environment and your company’s budget.

Other Aids to Navigation Products:

Keman Light Buoy Navigation Buoy

Keman Buoy

Light Buoy or Navigation Buoy is a marker buoy, which has a light lantern attached to it as well radar reflector so ships can navigate well through the body of water.

Marine Lantern Tideland Orga Sabik Sealite

Tideland Lantern

PT Kemenangan offers a complete range of marine light lantern produced by the world leader in marine lantern made by Orga Signal previously Tideland Signal.

RACON Radar Beacon Orga Pharos


A RACON is a radar beacon, which  puts an image on the radar display. Tideland Signal has the best racon produced in the world.