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Polyethylene Buoy Repair

PT Kemenangan helps you save your PE products.

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PT Kemenangan repairs PE buoys, PE floats, polyethylene tanks and other polyethylene products. Your cracked, chipped, faded polyethylene buoys and floats can be repaired by our highly skilled team at PT Kemenangan.

Our team will need to conduct a survey to your damaged polyethylene buoys to check if they are repairable. Small sized cracks and tears can be repaired on site but larger and deeper tears must be repaired at our factory.

After the repair is done, our team at PT Kemenangan will do leak test and other necessary tests to the double check if the repair is done properly.

Other Repair Services:

Dock Rubber Fender Repair by PT Kemenangan

Solid Fender Repair

Do you have a newly installed rubber fenders and got damaged at your docks or jetties? Do not worry, our team at PT Kemenangan can repair them.

Pneumatic Fender Yokohama Fender Repair PT Kemenangan

Pneumatic Fender Repair

PT Kemenangan will repair your torn or punctured pneumatic fenders regardless the maker. We will make sure the repaired products are safe to use.

Ship Launching Airbag Repair PT Kemenangan

Airbag Repair

Leaky airbag or torn airbag commonly happens but do not worry, our team will fix it for you. The repaired airbags will be fully functional just like new.


Please do not hesitate asking us should you have any question or concern.

Do we use virgin PE (polyethylene) resin?

PT Kemenangan uses original PE resin or virgin polyethylene resin to repair your damaged products. We do not use recycled PE resin to make sure the best of material properties are achieved and attained from the original PE compound.

Are repaired PE products safe to use?

PT Kemenangan will check your damaged products before accepting any repair request. We will make sure your products once they are fully finished repaired will be checked thoroughly by our QC team.