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Dock & Slip Number Signs

Keman Marina & Terminal Signs are made of high quality materials.

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Keman Rubber supplies dock and slip number signs to ship terminal owners and general contractors throughout Indonesia. Keman Rubber marina dock number signs are often found in marinas and ship terminals, like PELINDO 1, PELINDO 2, PELINDO 3, and PELINDO 4.

There are two materials available to choose from. First is natural rubber, which is relatively low cost and long lasting. The second option is UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight PolyEthylene). UHMWPE is relatively more expensive than natural rubber but it can last even longer than natural rubber and can be cleaned easily.

All dock number signs are sold with nuts and bolts for easy installations. Our standard material is SS400 or JIS 3101 for the nuts and bolts. Our nuts and bolts are galvanized so they can withstand the harsh environment near the sea.

Keman Rubber slip numbers standard size is 280 mm by 500 mm. We can adjust the sizes according to your needs.

Dock number or slip numbers are sometimes also called quay wall numbers.

Terminal Number Signs

Keman Rubber manufactures the best marina and terminal number signs.

  • High quality rubber
  • High quality PE
  • Galvanized nuts & bolts
  • Long lasting

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Please do not hesitate asking us should you have any question or concern.

What materials are Keman Marina & Terminal Number Signs made from?

Keman Marina & Terminal Number Signs are made from either Natural Rubber or UHMWPE. Our products are all made from the best raw material.

Which material last longer?
Both natural rubber and polyethylene last for a long time, however polyethylene last longer than natural rubber.