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Seabed Scour Control Systems

We are here to protect your assets and nature from underwater erosion.

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Scour Protection Systems and Services by Seabed Scour Control Systems Limited (SSCS) is a system and method to prevent scour (erosion) at seabed sediment.

Any sub sea structures and objects, such as platform, pipes, and cables create turbulent current flow. This turbulence will create sand sediment around these structures and objects to be carried over / transported in the process called scour (erosion).

SSCS uses polypropylene frond (seaweed) mattresses to prevent / decrease the turbulent flow, and therefore keeping the foundation of the subsea structures secure.

Installation is simple and the material is harmless to marine life.

Scour Protection Systems have been installed at 17 Pertamina Oil Platforms. Beside Oil Platiforms, this erosion prevention system is suitable to protect underwater cable and pipe, submarine communications cable, deep sea cable or under sea cable. There were several incidents happened in Indonesia like, Telkom Internet under sea cable on 30 April 2021 in Jayapura, under sea cable connecting Jawa-Kalimantan-Batam-Singapore or called SKLL Jakabare, which belongs to Indosat on 5 April 2021, and under sea fiber optic cable Jakarta-Bangka-Bintan-Singapura (B2JS) belong to PT Ketrosden Triasmitra, which was cut at Ancol-Bangka segment on 19 February 2021.

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Can SSCS frond mats protect our offshore assets?

SSCS Frond Mats will protects the surrounding undersea ground from being eroded and therefore will protect the structure, pipe, cables that have frond mats around them.

Do divers needed for frond mats installations?

The newest product of frond mats from SSCS does not require any diver for installation. This creates a unique and cost effective solution.

How many frond mats require to protect our under sea assets?

This require a careful calculation from our engineers. Different environment will require a unique solution to give the best protection for the deep sea structures.