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Dock Fender Installation 

PT Kemenangan helps you ease any type of marine fender installation.

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PT Kemenangan is the expert in rubber fender installations. Our team has many years of experience installing dock fender, either new or replacement of old fenders.

Our installer may use forklifts, cranes, or pontoons to do solid rubber fender installations. In some cases, our team may use a scaffolding to make the installation process easier. PT Kemenangan uses high quality chemical and cement, like Sika and Hilti.

No matter how difficult the environment and the type of fender is, you can trust PT Kemenangan to do dock rubber fender installation. Our team always work in accordance to our high standard of HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) procedures.

Fixed Fender Installations

Why use PT Kemenangan for fixed fenders installations?

  • Outstanding Experience
  • Reliable HSE Standard
  • Certified Team
  • Long List of Referrals


Please do not hesitate asking us should you have any question or concern.

What kind marine rubber fender can PT Kemenangan install?

PT Kemenangan has the expertise to install newly built marine fenders or replacement of damaged or old rubber fenders. We install cone fenders, cell fenders, v fenders, frontal frames, PE pads, and all of the requires accessories.

Where can PT Kemenangan do rubber fenders installation?

PT Kemenangan will do marine rubber fenders installation anywhere in Indonesia either on jetties, dolphins, or any type of marine structure.