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Keman Bollard are made from high quality raw metal.

A mooring bollard is a sturdy, short, vertical post made of cast steel or cast iron on a quay used for mooring vessels.

Keman Bollard is available in a regular Harbor Bollard, Bitt Bollard, tee bollard (KR Bollard), and Staghorn Bollard. Our high quality bollard is available both in cast steel JIS 5101 and cast iron JIS 5501, while the anchors are hot dipped galvanized using ST41 steel rods. Keman Bollard’s largest capacity can withstand 200 ton.

PT Kemenangan offers complimentary pull test to show our high quality manufacturing procedures are in place. Keman Bollard comes with hot dipped galvanized ST41 steel rod anchor.

Keman Harbour Bollard or Harbor Bollard is originally designed in Japan. Harbour bollard is the simplest design of bollard. Harbor bollard is suitable for jetty installation.

Keman Bitt Bollard or Harbor Bitt Bollard is originalled designed in Japan. Keman Bitt Bollard is suitable for dolphin installation because of its simple design.

Staghorn Bollard is also called Twin Horn Dock Bollard or Double Horn Bollard. A staghorn dock bollard (Twin Horn Bollard) can be supplied with different base types, some of the types are hexagon base, round base, square base and semi-circle base.

Tee Bollard or Tee Head Bollard or T-Head Bollard is a general purpose mooring bollard suitable for a wide range of mooring line capacities. This type of bollard is suitable for steep angle of rope.


Other Mooring Equipment Products:

Marine Anchors PT Kemenangan


An anchor is a device, made of steel, used to tie a vessel to the bed of a body of water preventing the vessel from drifting due to wind or current.

Keman Mooring Buoy

Keman Mooring Buoy

Keman Mooring Buoy is available in both steel and PE, so you can choose the most suitable one from the most trusted manufacturer.

Marine grade chains PT Kemenangan


PT Kemenangan sells mooring chain with diameter ranging from 12.5 to 162 mm as well as swivels and shackles.

Mooring Hawser Rope PT Kemenangan

Mooring Hawser

PT Kemenangan supplies Mooring Hawser, which usually made of fiber or plastics, in various diameter sizes.


Please do not hesitate asking us should you have any question or concern.

Do you supply the bollard with its accessories?

PT Kemenangan supplies Keman Bollard to our customers complete with all of its accessories, such as the hot dipped galvanized anchor.

Do you provide any test and certification?

PT Kemenangan stands by our products. We offer our customers pull test to witness or have a third party to certify our tests. We guarantee our product quality will satisfy you.