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PT Kemenangan supports plantations, fields, and their jetties.

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PT Kemenangan supplies Rubber Hose, Rubber Fender, Rubber Expansion Joint, and other rubber products to Palm Oil Plantation, Sugar Plantation or any other plantation, like Sinar Mas Agro and Wilmar in Java Island, Kalimantan, or Sumatra. PT Kemenangan also offers food grade rubber hose, which is FDA approved.

Keman Rubber Hose for Industrial PT Kemenangan

Rubber Hose

Keman Rubber Hose is available in regular and as a floating hose. Keman Rubber Hose can be used for many different applications, such as transporting water, air, sludge or slurry, oil, gasoline, chemicals, sand, rocks, cement or any other abrasive and hot items.

KemanFlex PVC Hose PT Kemenangan

PVC Hose

PVC Hose: KemanFlex Hose is manufactured using Japanese standard and toxic free material. KemanFlex Hose is available for oxygen, acetylene, compressor, air, water, LPG, twin welding, nylon, garden hose, steel wire, suction hose, and lay flat hose.

Keman Rubber Expansion Joint PT Kemenangan Steel Pipe Connector

Expansion Joint

Expansion joint is a flexible connector made of metal and rubber to absorb thermal expansion or terminal movement or mechanical vibration in a piping system.

Keman Dock Fender

Dock Fender

Keman Dock Side Fenders are manufactured according to our software and simulation. Keman rubber compound produces the most suitable tensile strength and elongation for fenders.