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Floating Sea Barrier

Keman Floating Sea Barrier is the most trusted brand.

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Keman Floating Sea Barrier is a safety measure to be use to keep unwanted guest coming into a specific area in a body of water. Floating sea barrier functions as a physical barrier preventing people, divers, boats, and animals from entering a prohibited areas in the water. This floating barrier is made of polyethylene, which can withstand harsh ocean environment.

PT Kemenangan previously work together with Singaporean Coast Guard (PCG) on floating sea barriers. Our in house designers worked tirelessly day and night simulating this project. Our design work well during high tide and low tide and they are strong enough withstanding the pressure from the waves.

PT Kemenangan confidents our design will work for your situation and surrounding environment as well. Please do not hesitate contacting us for all your needs.

About Floating Barriers

Why order floating sea barriers from PT kemenangan?

  • Our highly skilled designers
  • We give precise simulations
  • High quality PE floats
  • Rust resistant accessories

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Please do not hesitate asking us should you have any question or concern.

Do we use virgin PE (polyethylene) resin?
Yes, Keman PE buoys and PE floats are made of original or virgin polyethylene resin. We do not use recycled polyethylene to make sure high quality properties are achieved and attained from the original PE compound.
Can Keman Floating Sea Barrier be customized?
Here at PT Kemenangan, we prioritize our high quality products to match your standards. Therefore, we will match your needs so that our floats and sea barriers can be used and fit perfectly for your projects.