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Our Services

Our certified manufacturing are supported by our test, repair, and rental services.

What We Do

Custom Design & Engineering by PT Kemenangan

Design & Engineering

Our engineers are capable to do the most difficult designs.

Rental Hire Mooring Buoy FROG Hose PT Kemenangan


We have some stock of rental equipment ready to deploy.

Buoy Repair Service Maintenance by PT Kemenangan

Repair Services

Why buy when we can repair your assets?

PT Kemenangan installation marine products buoys fenders jetty


PT Kemenangan offers a complete project to finish.

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Design & Engineering

PT Kemenangan has an in-house team of technical designers and naval engineers. Our team is dedicated to helping you solving the most difficult projects.

  • Buoy Stability Design 
  • Marine Fender Selections
  • Floating Hose Calculations

Rental Business

PT Kemenangan supports your business either short term projects or long term projects. We believe our high quality products can supports your most valuable projects.

  • Pneumatic Fender
  • Mooring Buoy
  • Rubber Hose

Repair Services

PT Kemenangan is an expert in marine products repair. We know how much you value your assets. PT Kemenangan will make the most out of your valuable assets.

  • Penumatic Fender Repair
  • Ship Launching Airbag Repair
  • Polyethylene Buoys Repair
  • Solid Rubber Fender Repair
  • Jetty Refurbishment

Keman Marine Installations 

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  • Light Buoys Installations
  • Mooring Buoys Installations
  • Rubber Fender Installations

Latest Projects

Marine Fender Selection by PT Kemenangan Engineers

Marine Rubber Fender

Tsunami Data Buoy PT Kemenangan

Data Buoys

Mooring & Navigation Buoys Installation by PT Kemenangan

PE Buoys