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Repair Services

Why not salvage and repair while things are still possible?

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Pneumatic Fender Yokohama Fender Repair PT Kemenangan

Pneumatic Fender Repair

PT Kemenangan will repair your torn or punctured pneumatic fenders regardless the maker. We will make sure the repaired products are safe to use.

Ship Launching Airbag Repair PT Kemenangan

Airbag Repair

Leaky airbag or torn airbag commonly happens but do not worry, our team will fix it for you. The repaired airbags will be fully functional just like new.

PE Buoys Repair by PT Kemenangan

PE Buoys Repair

Got cracked or leaky polyethylene buoys or polyethylene floats? We will repair them and make sure your PE buoys look new and fully functional.

Dock Rubber Fender Repair by PT Kemenangan

Solid Fender Repair

Do you have a newly installed rubber fenders and got damaged at your docks or jetties? Do not worry, our team at PT Kemenangan can repair them.

Harbour renovation project by PT Kemenangan

Harbour Refurbishment

PT Kemenangan has a reputable experience in harbours, jetties, docks, quays, or wharves refurbishment. You can trust on us for this expertise.

PE & Steel Buoys maintenance by PT Kemenangan

Buoys Maintenance

PT Kemenangan has the expertise to maintain your buoys. We can maintain your steel mooring buoys, PE light buoys, PE mooring buoys, & steel navigation buoys.

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