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Marine Fender Selections

Keman Marine engineers will gladly provide consulting works.

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Marine rubber dock fenders are installed at jetties and ship terminals to protect the docks and ships from impact during mooring. Rubber fenders absorbs the energy from the ships. There are several aspects as to how to select the most suitable marine fender type and size.
  • The size of ships that will use and berth at the docks. Keman Rubber Fender can support up to 100,000 DWT load.
  • The type of structure of the ship terminals. It may be closed structure, semi closed structure or open structure.
  • The berthing velocity of the vessels is also one of the most important aspect when choosing the most suitable rubber fender.
  • Another thing that is important to check is the berthing angle of the vessels.
  • Tides and water levels are also another thing that play into deciding the perfect rubber fender.
PT Kemenangan has an in-house team of designers and engineers to calculate and simulate dock fender selection even in most difficult scenarios.

Rubber Fender Selection

Some processes in selecting the most suitable solid rubber fender:

  • Automated Software Selector
  • CAD Simulation Software
  • Previous Projects


Please do not hesitate asking us should you have any question or concern.

How does PT Kemenangan know a fender type is safe and suitable for a project?

PT Kemenangan has a long and good experience in selecting and manufacturing marine fenders. Our CAD software can also show stress points on the fenders, so we can make sure that the type of a fender selected is the best one.

Are fender selection service included when buying fenders from PT Kemenangan?

PT Kemenangan gladly supports our customers for any kind of project they are having. Please do not hesitate contacting us.