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Keman anchors are made from high quality steel.

An anchor is a device, made of steel, used to tie a vessel to the bed of a body of water preventing the vessel from drifting due to wind or current. Keman Anchor is made of high quality and certified steel making sure its product quality is in accordance with the product’s standard and certifications.

Keman Anchor is available in many different types, sizes, and diffrent holding capacities. Some of the designs we have are Danforth, Flipper Delta, and Stockless.

The stockless anchors have holding-power-to-weight ratio that is significantly lower than admiralty pattern anchors. Their ease of handling and stowage aboard large ships led to almost universal adoption.

Flipper Delta anchor was derived from the Coastal Quick Release(CQR) anchor. It was designed as an advance over the anchors used for floating systems such as oil rigs. It retains the weighted tip of the CQR but has a much higher fluke area to weight ratio than its predecessor. Although it is a plough type anchor, it sets and holds reasonably well in hard bottoms.

 Danforth Anchor was invented in the 1940s by Richard Danforth for use aboard landing craft. It uses a stock at the crown to which two large flat triangular flukes are attached. The stock is hinged so the flukes can orient toward the bottom (and on some designs may be adjusted for an optimal angle depending on the bottom type). Tripping palms at the crown act to tip the flukes into the seabed. The design is a burying variety, and once well set can develop high resistance. Its lightweight and compact flat design make it easy to retrieve and relatively easy to store, making some anchor rollers and hawse pipes can accommodate a fluke-style anchor.

A Danforth will not usually penetrate or hold in gravel or weeds. In boulders and coral it may hold by acting as a hook. If there is much current, or if the vessel is moving while dropping the anchor, it may “kite” or “skate” over the bottom due to the large fluke area acting as a sail or wing.

Other Mooring Equipment Products:

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Keman Bollard is available in cast iron JIS 5501 and cast steel JIS 5101, with maximum capacity of 200 tonnes.

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Marine grade chains PT Kemenangan


PT Kemenangan sells mooring chains with diameter ranging from 12.5 to 162 mm as well as swivels and shackles.

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Hawser is a nautical term for a thick rope used in mooring or towing a ship, which usually made of fiber or plastics.