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Anti-Vibration Joint

Keman pipe expansion joint protects and supports your valuable infrastructure.

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Keman Anti Vibration Joint is a flexible connector between PVC pipes to prevent pipes from being damaged or cracked because of the vibration caused by cars, trucks, or busses passing a section of the elevated tollway or highway. By having this anti-vibration joint made of natural rubber, drainage pipes will last for a long time and there will not be any water drip from a crack caused by vibrations.

Keman Anti Vibration Joint has been used by many highway owners and tollway operators in Indonesia.

Keman Anti-Vibration Joint

Keman Rubber Anti-Vibration Joint is superior because:

  • ISO certified
  • Longstanding experience
  • Burst test
  • Bending test

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Does PT Kemenangan accept custom order?

PT Kemenangan gladly support our customers. Please let us know your requirements and our engineers will design the perfect match for you.