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Pneumatic Fender

Keman® Pneumatic Fender is ISO 17357 certified by DNV-GL.

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Keman® Pneumatic Fender is ISO 17357:2014 certified by DNV-GL making its safety and quality to be fully assured in its production.

Pneumatic fenders are also often called Yokohama fender or floating fender. It is ideal for permanent and semi-permanent application at the side of ports or docks, as well as for offshore ship-to-ship transfers because of its fast and easy nature to install providing reliable protection to vessels. The fenders can be inflated and deflated multiple times with no problem for easy deployment, transporting to a different location or for storage.

Keman pneumatic rubber fenders have been used in more than 60 countries around the world, including Indonesia.

Keman Pneumatic Fender built in three layers; outer rubber layer, synthetic-cord layer for reinforcement and the inner rubber layer. Pneumatic Fender provides soft reaction force, lower mooring forces in rough weather conditions, and low installation and maintenance cost.

Net type pneumatic fenders are fitted with a set of chain and tire net to give some extra protection and giving higher absorption energy. The chain and tire net consists of used truck or airplane tires that are connected by a network of horizontal and vertical chains, which adds further protection to the fender body. All the chains used have been hot dipped galvanized.

The maximum fender size available is 4.5 meter of diameter and 12 meter long.

Keman Pneumatic Fender

Why buy Keman Pneumatic Fender

  • High Quality
  • ISO 17357 Certified
  • Cost Effective
  • Long Lasting

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Please do not hesitate asking us should you have any question or concern.

Does PT Kemenangan have the pneumatic fenders in stock?

PT Kemenangan has a wide variety of sizes of pneumatic fenders in stock and ready to be shipped to our customers. Please let us know your specifications and we will recommend you the most suitable sizes to protect your vessels and docks.

Are Keman Pneumatic Fenders the same as Yokohama Fender?

Keman Pneumatic Fender is the perfect brand to substitute because of the quality and price. Yokohama Fender has been used as the common name for rubber pneumatic fender. The terms are now used exchangably.

Are old pneumatic fenders repairable?

PT Kemenangan can survey your old and used pneumatic fenders and make them in good to be used again if the conditions are met for repair.