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Buoy Accessories

Keman Marine is your one stop solution for your marine equipment needs.

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Keman Marine offers a complete solution to your navigation AIDS needs.

We manufacture locally our high quality buoy accessories according to local and international standards and certifications. Some of the accessories we manufacture are:

  • Chain
  • Radar Reflector
  • Top Mark
  • Day Mark
  • Concrete Sinker

Our steel manufacturing division uses high quality and certified steel or stainless steel from trusted local steel manufacturers and distributors in accordance to international ASTM standards. Keman Marine steel division uses trusted marine paint, like International Paint, in our paint workshop painted by our skilled and certified painters.


Other Aids to Navigation Products:

Keman Light Buoy Navigation Buoy

Light Buoy

Keman Light Buoy or Navigation Buoy is a marker buoy, which has a light lantern attached to it so ships can navigate well through the body of water.
Marine Lantern Tideland Orga Sabik Sealite

Orga Lantern

PT Kemenangan offers a complete range of marine light lantern produced by the world leader in marine lantern made by Orga Signal previously Tideland Signal.

RACON Radar Beacon Orga Pharos


A RACON is a radar beacon, which  puts an image on the radar display. Tideland Signal has the best racon produced in the world.


Please do not hesitate asking us should you have any question or concern.

Do we provide class certificate for our products?

PT Kemenangan may have class certificate issued upon arrangement when placing orders with us. Class certificate may be issued by DNV GL, the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)Lloyd’s Register (LRS), Bureau Veritas, or Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI).

Does PT Kemenangan use high quality marine paint?

PT Kemenangan only uses high quality marine paints and anti-fouling paints that are already in our customers’ approved vendor lists.