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Sounding Balloon

PT Kemenangan sells Totex balloon, which is made in Japan.

Radiosonde balloon is a weather observation balloon to fly up sensors to gather temperature, relative humidity, and GPS position data to predict weather and climate change.

Totex radiosonde balloon allows weather agency across the world to observe of pressure, temperatures, humidity, wind directions, wind speed and other factors. Totex radiosonde balloon can rise up to about 30 km from the ground. Totex radiosonde balloon is approved by World Meteorological Organization (WMO), an agency of the United Nations (UN).

PT Kemenangan is the sole authorized distributor and agent of Totex in Indonesia. Totex Radiosonde Balloon is simply the best meteorological balloon available in the market.

Why Totex Radiosonde Balloon?

  • High Quality
  • Perfect Round Shape
  • Can Float Up to 30 km
  • Made in Japan

Other Meteorological Products:

Totex pibal pilot balon

Pilot Balloon

PT Kemenangan sells pilot balloon from Totex Corporation in Japan. Meteorological balloon from Totex are made in Japan. They have the best quality and have perfect round shape.

Sagim GIP3 tabung hidrogen PT Kemenangan

Hydrogen Generator

PT Kemenangan sells GIP3 the best hydrogen generator tank and certified by WMO for inflation of balloons in the upper air stations in meteorology.

Intermet Radiosonde PT Kemenangan

InterMet Radiosonde

PT Kemenangan is the authorized agent for iMet radiosonde by Intermet. iMet radiosonde system features a complete, simple, and reliable system. It has GPS and receiver antenna.

Tsunami Buoy PT Kemenangan

Data Buoys

PT Kemenangan produced high quality deep ocean tsunami data buoys from Polyethylene combined with world’s best earthquake monitoring system.