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Export Industrial Products

PT Kemenangan has a huge export market for our marine products.

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PT Kemenangan exports some of its industrial products like; PE Buoys, Steel Buoys, Navigation Buoys, Mooring Buoys, Marine Rubber Fenders, Floats, Sea Barrier, and Sub-surface Buoys.

PT Kemenangan has been continuously exporting our marine products to Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Canada, Taiwan, France, Watar, Kuwait, Myanmar, Italy, Christmas Island, Brunei Darussalam, Seychelles, Australia, Maldives, Oman, and many other countries.

Keman Dock Fender

Dock Fender

Keman Dock Side Fenders are manufactured according to our software and simulation. Keman rubber compound produces the most suitable tensile strength and elongation for fenders.

Tsunami Data Buoy PT Kemenangan

Navigation Buoy

Light Buoy or Navigational Buoy is a marker buoy, which has a light lantern attached to it as well radar reflector so ships can navigate well through the body of water.

Keman Mooring Buoy

Mooring Buoys

Keman Mooring Buoys are available in steel and PE (polyethylene). Our design and build are in accordance to IALA & PIANC standards.

Keman Sea Barrier Floats PT Kemenangan

Floating Sea Barrier

Keman Floating Sea Barrier is a safety measure to be use to keep unwanted guest coming into a specific area in a body of water.

Keman Deep Water Floats PT Kemenangan

Deep Water Floats

Our highly engineered floats can be installed as floats in a body of water as deep as 10,000 meter deep.