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PT Kemenangan offers the best in the world geophysical devices.

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PT Kemenangan has been supporting BMKG (Badan Meteorologi Klimatologi dan Geofisika), the National Weather Service agency of Indonesia as well as geophysical devices need for any other companies and industries for more than thirty years. Below is a list of some of our products we offer:

  • Digitizer and Recorder QUANTERRA Q8
  • Digitizer and Recorder QUANTERRA Q330
  • Accelerograph ETNA 2
  • Accelerograph ICOBI 3
  • Accelerometer – Borehole Episensor
  • Accelerograph, Accelerometer, Broadband Sensor – Omnisensor
  • Broadband Sensor – MBB-2
  • Broadband Sensor – STS-7
  • Broadband Sensor – STS-2.5
  • Broadband Sensor – STS-5A
  • Structural Monitoring System – OASIS

Kinemetrics was established in 1969 in California, USA. Kinemetrics has been the global market leader in designing technologies, products, and solutions for monitoring earthquakes.

Geophysical Products:

Kinemetrics Etna 2 PT Kemenangan


ETNA 2 is the best accelerograph in the world. It offers a cost effective, web based monitoring capabilities paired with another Kinemetrics’ established world standard, the exemplary EpiSensor accelerometer.

Kinemetrics Quanterra Q8 Q330 PT Kemenangan


Quanterra Q8 is the most advanced digitizers and recorders. It uses an extremely low power (<300mW for 3 channels recording including GPS). It is light weight and small size. It uses one 32 GB non-removable storage with power-fail safe integrity and two 32 GB removable storage media (up to 256 GB possible). It has a built in Wi-Fi so it can be controlled from any smartphone or laptop. It is compatible with all Q330-based seismic networks.

Kinemetrics Broadband sensor STS-5A PT Kemenangan

Broadband Sensor – STS-5A

STS-5A is the best borehole broadband seismometer. It is a Borehole Broadband Seismometer comprised of a Streckeisen STS2.5 high-performance broadband seismometer and a motorized gimbal system for in situ leveling. STS-5A can be directly interfaced to Quanterra Q330-family of recording systems for leveling, centering, calibration and remote control in general. For more information on the STS-5A visit: