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SeaBeacon 2 System 6 is a very high quality industry standard radar beacon.

 RACON is a combination of radar and beacon to mark areas or structures in or near the body of water. It is an excellent warning detection system for ports, harbors, bridges, oil rigs or wind farms.

All RACONS come equipped with high caliber receiver sensitivity (-50dBm) with higher gain antennas (6dBi) to provide superior range performance with solid state radars. All Tideland Signal RACONS provide proportional scaling that will produce uniform radar trace on all range settings. User selected quiescent periods, trance length of 4 to 80 microseconds, active periods of 4 to 60 seconds and extended standard response code can be programmed in the field providing remarkable performance and response.

This radar transponder transmits Morse code to radar pulse and marks its trace on the radar display for accurate identification and positioning. A frequency agile radar beacon (RACON), provides dependable service to all marine radars including those with modern narrow band receivers.

One of the product offered from Tideland Signal is SeaBeacon® 2 System 6, which is unequaled in frequency matching accuracy, consistency pulse-by pulse response and advanced sidelobe suppression.

Other Aids to Navigation Products:

Keman Light Buoy Navigation Buoy

Navigation Buoy

Light Buoy or Navigational Buoy is a marker buoy, which has a light lantern attached to it as well radar reflector so ships can navigate well through the body of water.

Marine Lantern Tideland Orga Sabik Sealite

Orga Lantern

PT Kemenangan offers a complete range of marine light lantern produced by the world leader in marine lantern made by Orga Signal previously Tideland Signal.

AIS automatic identification system vessel boat ship bridge structure


PT Kemenangan sells Tideland Signal AIS (Automatic Identification System), which now is part of Orga Signal.


Please do not hesitate asking us should you have any question or concern.

Is Tideland Signal Racon still available?

As of 11 September 2020, Tideland Signal is acquired by Orga Signal BV, so all of Tideland Signal products and spare parts are still manufactured and available. PT Kemenangan continously sells Tideland Signal RACONS through Orga Signal.

Is Orga Signal Racon the best in the world?

We believe Tideland Signal, which has been acquired by Orga Signal BV, produces world’s best RACON.