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PT Kemenangan offers the best in class climatological devices.

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Climatological products are products to measure rainfall, temperature and atmospheric composition. They use models, either statistical or mathematical, which help by integrating different observations and testing how they fit together. Modeling is used for understanding past, present and potential future climates.

Climate research is made difficult by the large scale, long time periods, and complex processes which govern climate. Climate is sometimes modeled as a stochastic process but this is generally accepted as an approximation to processes that are otherwise too complicated to analyze.

The collection of long record of climate variables is essential for the study of climate. Climatology deals with the aggregate data that meteorology has collected. Scientists use both direct and indirect observations of the climate, from Earth observing satellites and scientific instrumentation.

Our company proudly supports BMKG, the National Weather Service agency of Indonesia. Below is a list of some of our products we offer.

  • Floating Thermometer
  • Rainfall Observation
  • Anemometer & Dust Particulate Matter Monitoring – MetOne Instruments from USA
  • Maximum Minimum Thermometer – Thies Clima, made in Germany
  • Automatic Weather Station – Columbia Weather, made in USA
  • Sun Shine Recorder – Thies Clima, made in Germany
  • Stevenson Screen Housing for Climatological Devices

Climatological Instruments:

Anemometer PT Kemenangan


We offer Anemometer from Thies and RM Young. Thies wind measuring technology is available for all application ranges at the highest technical stage: wind speed and wind direction, ultrasonic- or analogue measurements, long-term records and wind alarm systems with state-of-the-art software and a wide range of accessories.

Thermometer Max Min PT Kemenangan


PT Kemenangan sells the best thermometer for climatology in the market. We have floating thermometer as well as max-min thermometer. Our products come with standard manufacturers’ certificate and warranty.

AWS automatic weather station PT Kemenangan

AWS - Automatic Weather Station

AWS  offered by Columbia Weather stations are available in fixed based units as well as portable units. All of the AWS are manufactured in the USA. The AWS has Compass, GPS, All-in-one sensor with multiple configurations, Ultrasonic wind sensor, Optical rain sensor, Temperature, humidity, and pressure sensor.