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General Contractors

PT Kemenangan works with big and small general contractors.

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PT Kemenangan works with general contractors both government owned and private owned contractors, like ADHI Karya, Hutama Karya, PP, Amarta Karya, WIKA, Waskita Karya, Leighton, Nindya Karya, Total Bangun Persada and many more.

PT Kemenangan produces high quality Bearing Pads, Road Expansion Joint, Rubber Fenders, and many others.

Keman Rubber Bearing Pad PT Kemenangan

Bearing Pad

Keman Elastomeric Bearing Pad has been used widely to support structures such as road and bridges.

Keman Rubber Bridge Expansion Joint

Expansion Joint

Keman Expansion Joint has been trusted to protect bridges, buildings, and structures by absorbing temperature induced expansion and contraction of construction materials.

Keman Dock Fender

Dock Fender

Keman Dock Side Fenders are manufactured according to our software and simulation. Keman rubber compound produces the most suitable tensile strength and elongation for fenders.

Keman Mooring Buoy

Mooring Buoys

Keman Mooring Buoys are available in steel and PE (polyethylene). Our design and build are in accordance to IALA & PIANC standards.