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PT Kemenangan works with Universities and Research Centers both government owned and privately owned, like University of Indonesia, UNPAD, ITB, ITS, UKRIDA, and BPPT. We believe our mutual works will give contribution to each other and for the local industry in Indonesia.

Some products we have supplied them are tsunami data buoys, ocean bottom buoys, deep sea buoys, oceam bottom floats, elastomeric bearing pads, and mooring buoys.

Tsunami Data Buoy PT Kemenangan

Data Buoys

PT Kemenangan produced high quality deep ocean tsunami data buoys from Polyethylene combined with world’s best earthquake monitoring system.

Keman Sea Barrier Floats PT Kemenangan

Industrial Floats

Floats, which are also called pontoons, are airtight hollow structures designed to provide buoyancy in the water. Keman Floats and Keman PE Buoys are made of virgin polyethylene.

Keman Rubber Bearing Pad PT Kemenangan

Bearing Pad

Keman Elastomeric Bearing Pad has been used widely to support structures such as road and bridges.

Keman Midline Buoy PT Kemenangan

Mooring Buoys

Keman Mooring Buoys are available in steel and PE (polyethylene). Our design and build are in accordance to IALA & PIANC standards.