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Warehouse Bumper

 Keman Warehouse Rubber Bumper is the best in quality.

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Keman Warehouse Bumpers function as protections for your valuable buildings. Keman Warehouse Bumper is made of new rubber, not recycled rubber. Keman Warehouse Bumper has metal plate as a strength enforcement. Our quality is guaranteed.

We design, fabricate, supply and install various types, shapes, and sizes of warehouse bumpers to fit best your specifications and requirements. We also produce speed bumps, corner protectors, and expansion joints to protect the structure of your buildings.

PT Kemenangan designs warehouse bumpers so that they are easy to install, cost savings, and multi functions. Our warehouse bumpers are installed simply by using dynabolts or anchor bolts. Keman warehouse bumpers prevent collision to warehouse dock when loading or unloading goods from trucks or containers. Keman warehouse bumpers can be used as car stopper in parking lots. Rubber car stoppers are better for the car tires than concrete car stoppers.

Keman Warehouse Bumpers

Why us:

  • Steel Reinforced
  • Easy Installation
  • Cost Savings
  • Multi Functions

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Please do not hesitate asking us should you have any question or concern.

Can Keman Warehouse bumpers be ordered in custom sizes?

PT Kemenangan accpet custom orders so that our warehouse bumpers can fit perfectly to your custom requirements.

Does Keman warehouse bumper made of recycled material?

PT Kemenangan conducts its business highly supporting the environment but as far as raw material concerns, PT Kemenangan uses newly obtained rubber to guarantee its material properties are obtain to support our high quality standard.


What makes Keman Warehouse Bumper more superior than other brand?

One thing out of many things that we do to make our products better than our competitors’ products is that Keman Warehouse Bumper uses metal or steel plate as the reinforcement to make sure the bumpers function well for many years.