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Jetty Refurbishment

PT Kemenangan helps you in your next harbor projects.

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PT Kemenangan has a solid experience as a contractor for jetty restorations. We rebuilt all the necessary structures to make sure the jetties are safe and sound for operations. PT Kemenangan will manufacture the dock fenders, frontal frames, bollards among other things.

Please let us know your needs and specifications, our team will be happily helping you reach your target. Our rubber fenders can withstand up to 100,000 DWT. Regarding marine issues, you can trust PT Kemenangan, which will complete all of your project need from A to Z.

Some of the noteworthy customer of PT Kemenangan for jetty refurbishment projects are Semen Merah Putih, Pupuk Iskandar Muda, and Pertamina Balikpapan.

Jetty Renovation

Why have PT Kemenangan as your contractor:

  • Long experience
  • Reputable customers
  • High quality results
  • Highly skilled team

Other Repair Services:

Dock Rubber Fender Repair by PT Kemenangan

Solid Fender Repair

Do you have a newly installed rubber fenders and got damaged at your docks or jetties? Do not worry, our team at PT Kemenangan can repair them.

PE Buoys Repair by PT Kemenangan

PE Buoys Repair

Got cracked or leaky polyethylene buoys or polyethylene floats? We will repair them and make sure your PE buoys look new and fully functional.

Pneumatic Fender Yokohama Fender Repair PT Kemenangan

Pneumatic Fender Repair

PT Kemenangan will repair your torn or punctured pneumatic fenders regardless the maker. We will make sure the repaired products are safe to use.