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Bearing Pad

Keman bearing pad is produced using high accuracy simulations.

Keman Elastomeric Bearing Pad is made to provide support and isolation in structures like bridges or elevated toll roads. Keman bearing pads are available as laminated bearing pads as well as plain rubber pads, either from natural rubber or neoprene. Our high skilled engineers will calculate and design the specific needs for your projects.

Keman laminated rubber bearing pads and Keman plain bearing pads are made according to SNI and AASHTO standards and certifications. Besides those, ASTM standards like ASTM D.412, ASTM D.2240, ASTM D.573, ASTM D.395, ASTM D.429, and ASTM D.1149 are being used for our rubber bearing pads testing to make sure our products are made in accordance to the industry standards. Keman rubber bearing pads are heat resistant, able to adjust to compression set, ozone resistant, and highly adhesive.

Keman elastomeric bearing pads are available from size 100 by 150 mm to 400 by 600 mm, and thickness from 14 mm to 114 mm.

Some of our highly reputable customers are WIKA, ADHI Karya, and AMKA.

Keman Rubber Bearing Pad

Why choose Keman Elastomeric Bearing Pads:

  • SNI / AASHTO standards
  • ISO certified
  • Reputable customers
  • Longstanding experience

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Please do not hesitate asking us should you have any question or concern.

Can Keman Elastomeric Bearing Pads be made from neoprene?

Yes, Keman elastomeric bearing pad are available in either natural rubber or neoprene. Please let us know your requirements and our engineers will offer you the most suitable solutions.

Do Keman laminated bearing pads have steel plates?

Keman laminated bearing pads are produced with multiple layers of rubber and steel plates to give better support.

Are Keman rubber bearing pads made with certifications?

Keman rubber bearing pads have been used widely by highly reputable companies in Indonesia. Our elastomeric bearing pads are manufactured according to AASHTO and SNI standards.