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Expansion Joint

Keman pipe expansion joint protects and supports your valuable infrastructure.

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Expansion joint is a flexible connector made of metal and rubber to absorb thermal expansion or terminal movement or mechanical vibration in a piping system. Rubber expansion joints may be manufactured using natural or synthetic rubber. Keman expansion joint diameter is available from 3 to 72 inch with the option of single bellow or double bellow, and length from 95 mm to 420 mm.

At PT Kemenangan, out engineers will do material selection based on the usage area of rubber expansion joints. Rubber expansion joints can absorb large movement in short distance. They provide all directional movement, such as axial, angular, lateral and torsional that may occur from external conditions. Rubber expansion joints can also reduce wind, shock loading and seismic movements.

Keman Expansion Joint

Keman Rubber Expansion Joint is superior because:

  • ISO certified
  • Longstanding experience
  • Burst test
  • Pressure test

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Does PT Kemenangan accept custom order?

PT Kemenangan gladly support our customers. Please let us know your requirements and our engineers will design the perfect match for you.