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Hose Stabilizer

First Hose Stabilizer in Indonesia

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Hose stabilizer is a device to secure two or more rubber hoses from being tangled. Keman Hose Stabilizer is made of grade polyethylene plastic that will last for many years and will not break or crack easily.

Keman Hose Stabilizer is manufactured to fit perfectly to your hoses. Our sizes and diameters are fully customized according to your hoses.

Keman Hose Stabilizers come with all the necessary accessories like nuts and bolts. Our nuts and bolts can be ordered in SS316 or stainless steel.

Keman Hose Stabilizer

Why choose Keman Hose Stabilizer?

  • We are experienced producing PE products
  • We also produce rubber hose
  • In-house testing facility
  • In-house designers

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Please do not hesitate asking us should you have any question or concern.

What are the accessories included?

Keman Hose Stabilizers come with all the necessary accessories like nuts and bolts, clamps, straps, bands, or coils and seals. Our in-house engineers will design to use the most fitting and secured fastening products for your projects. All of our accessories can be ordered in SS316 grade stainless steel, 200/300 stainless steel, or carbon steel.

Do you accept custom order?

PT Kemenangan gladly supports our customers. Please let us know your need and we will give our best to match your specifications.