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We serve a huge range of industries from marine, oil and gas, plantation, mining, fisheries, electric generation, hotel and resort all the way to house hold.

Oil Rig, Oil Platform, Oil Jacket using rub strips, boat landing bumpers from PT Kemenangan

Oil & Gas

PT Kemenangan has been supplying Oil & Gas companies, both local & foreign companies.

Shipyards using products from PT Kemenangan


Shipyards in Indonesia have been using Keman Rubber Ship Fenders for its high quality.

Mining industry using products from PT Kemenangan

Mining Industry

Coal mine, gold mine, tin mine, asphalt mine, copper mine, nickel mine, bauxite mine are using Keman Rubber Hose.

Ship owners are using products from PT Kemenangan

Ship Owners

Both company ship owners and personal ship owners have trusted buoys and fenders from PT Kemenangan.

Port Owners are using products from PT Kemenangan

Port Owners

Port Owners like Pelindo has been using Keman Rubber for Dock Rubber Fender because of our high quality.

General Contractors are using bearing pads from PT Kemenangan

General Contractors

PT Kemenangan has been partnered with WIKA, ADHI Karya, PP, and many other general infrastructure contractors.

Retail & Consumer Goods by PT Kemenangan

Retail Customers

PT Kemenangan also sells directly to retail customers for products like Keman Boat & KemanFlex PVC Hose.

Retail & Consumer Goods by PT Kemenangan


PT Kemenangan is looking for distributors througout Indonesia for our PVC Hose, Keman Boat, Inflatable Fenders.

Industrial Companies using products from PT Kemenangan

Industrial Companies

Rubber Hose, Vibration Mount, PVC Hose, Steel Wire Hose, Suction Hose are some products we offer to manufacturing companies.

PT Kemenangan exports its products to Canada, Australia, UAE, Singapore, etc

Export Market

Keman Navigation Buoys, Rubber Fenders, PE Floats have been exported to Canada, Australia, UAE, and many other countries.

Palm Oil Plantation & Sugar Plantation use rubber hose from PT Kemenangan


Keman Rubber Hose is safe for use for Palm Oil Plantation, Sugar Plantation, and other kind of plantation.

Infrastructure using bearing pads from PT Kemenangan

Infrastructure Constructions

Keman Rubber Bearing Pads are used for elevated highways in Indonesia. Keman Rubber Fenders can withstand 100,000 DWT load.

Port operators using rubber products from PT Kemenangan

Port Operators

Port Operators like Pelindo II has been trusting PT Kemenangan marine rubber products for its jetties’ protection.

Warehouses in Indonesia using warehouse bumpers from PT Kemenangan


Keman Rubber Warehouse Bumpers have been used by many big warehouses from automotive to e-commerce industry.

Government Branches, Government Organizations using rubber products & PE Boats from PT Kemenangan


PT Kemenangan supplies meteorology, climatology, and geophysics products to the government as well as marine products.

Design & Engineering Consultants work with PT Kemenangan

Engineering Consultants

PT Kemenangan happlily supports design and engineering companies. Our in-house engineers will match your requirements well.

Ship fenders for Navy by PT Kemenangan


PT Kemenangan supplies Inflatable Fenders, Inflatable Buoys and many other products to the Indonesian Navy, Coast Guard, Harbor Patrol.

EPCC companies using rubber fenders, mooring buoys, light buoys from PT Kemenangan


Many Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) companies in Indonesia trust our Rubber Fenders and Keman PE & Steel Buoys.

Research Centers & Universities using Buoys, Floats from PT Kemenangan

Research Centre

PT Kemenangan parters with research centers like BPPT and universities for some of our marine products.

beach front 5 stars hotels & resorts, water front, marine products by PT Kemenangan

Hotels & Resorts

Ocean front hotels & resorts use our Keman Boats, Dan-Fenders Inflatable Buoys & Fenders, Hose, PE Floats.

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