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Industrial Floats

Keman Floats are suitable for various kind of industrial applications as well as for defense.

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Floats, which are also called pontoons, are airtight hollow structures designed to provide buoyancy in the water. Keman Floats and Keman PE Buoys are made of virgin polyethylene. Our floats are suitable for both fresh water and sea water applications, they are either floating on the body of water or in the deep water. Our in house designer can do custom design and simulate according to the specific needs.

Keman PE Floats

Hose & Pipe Float

Keman Floats can be used to float hoses or pipes on body of water, either on a lake, river, or sea. 

Keman Trash Booms PT Kemenangan

Trash Boom

Keman Trash Boom is a floating barrier to contain trash or any other object on water. 

Keman Sea Barrier Floats PT Kemenangan

Floating Sea Barrier

Keman Floating Sea Barrier is a safety measure to be use to keep unwanted guest coming into a specific area in a body of water.

Keman Cable Floats Pipe Floats Hose Floats

Cable Floats

Keman Cable Floats are similar to pipe floats but specialized for cable use to make sure the most effectiveness.

Keman Deep Water Floats PT Kemenangan

Deep Water Floats

Our highly engineered floats can be installed as floats in a body of water as deep as 10,000 meter deep.

Keman Floating Pontoon PT Kemenangan

Floating Pontoon

Keman Floating Pontoon is an easy and fast solution to provide floating dock to your coastline wheteher for temporary or permanent.

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