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Floating Pontoon

Keman Floating Pontoon is the most trusted brand.

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Floating pontoons are used for many different thing, as a walkway, as a dock for boats, as a storage space for small boats, jet skis, or kayaks. Floating pontoons are used for recreational as well industrial purposes, like in oil and gas industry, plantation, and mining.

Keman floating pontoons are available in two different materials, steel and polyethylene.

Steel floating pontoon is famous for its durability. The main disadvantage of steel floating pontoon is it requires maintence, and heavy to transport.

Keman Floating Pontoons are available in two different height options. A high freeboard pontoon is suitable for storing motor boat or sail boat. A low freeboard pontoon is suitable for storing rowing boat, canoe, kayak, and jet ski.

Floating pontoons can be installed in various places, like sea, lake, swamp, wet lands, port, and marina. Our design can be adjusted to match the surrounding conditions. There are some accessories that should be designed to fit the surroundings like; anchors, chains, sinkers, screws, nuts, and bolts.

About Floating Pontoon

Keman polyethylene floating pontoons are produced using high tech rotomoulding technology. Our finished products are smooth and glossy.
  • Virgin PE resin
  • Durable
  • Long lasting
  • Light weight

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Please do not hesitate asking us should you have any question or concern.

Do we use virgin PE (polyethylene) resin?
Yes, Keman PE buoys and PE floats are made of original or virgin polyethylene resin. We do not use recycled polyethylene to make sure high quality properties are achieved and attained from the original PE compound.
Do you offer floating pontoon in any other material?

Here is PT Kemenangan we build our products to the best of our ability. We strongly recommend our customer to buy our polyethylene floating pontoon. Should you need floating pontoons made of steel or steel and concrete then please do no hesitate contacting us. We will be gladly build these pontoons according to your requirements.