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Midline Buoy

Keman Midline Buoys are the best in South East Asia.

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Midline buoy is a customized buoy installed at a certain water depth, which has functions to prevent the mooring chain or wire from touching the gas pipe in the pipeline on the seabed. A midline buoy can also function as a sign attached to the middle of chains. Another function is to be a tool to lift an anchor so that the anchor does not rub against other anchors.

PT Kemenangan produces and manufactures high quality steel midline buoys as well as PE or polyethylene midline buoys. Our highly skilled engineers will do custom design of the midline buoys using the most sophisticated CADCAM software.

Keman Midline Buoys

PT Kemenangan manufactures high quality marine grade midline buoys. Why you should choose Keman Midline Buoys?

  • High Quality
  • In-house Test Facility
  • Outstanding Experience
  • Certified

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Please do not hesitate asking us should you have any question or concern.

What kind of material are Keman Midline Buoys made of?

PT Kemenangan manufactures Keman Midline Buoys from either high grade grade or polyethylene (PE). Both material are made in accordance of to requirements and international marine standards.

What kind of buoyancy foam is used for Keman Midline Buoys?

Keman Midline Buoys use high-density closed cell polyurethane foam whenever possible but deep-water applications, we use syntactic foam, which is much denser than polyurethane foam or polyethylene foam or any other expanded foam.