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Personnel Transfer Basket

We offer the world best marine crew transfer basket.

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PT Kemenangan is the sole agent and distributor of Reflex Marine in Indonesia, the safest Personnel Transfer Basket manufacturer from UK selling FROG XT-4 and FROG XT-6. Our engineers are certified to do general inspections, routine inspections, monthly, quarterly and yearly inspections to make sure the personal transfer baskets are still in their good conditions and pass all of the stress tests making sure all of the safety aspects are still in place. 

Reflex Marine sets the industry standard in personnel transport basket. Leading Oil and Gas companies like BP, Shell, Chevron, TransOcean and ConocoPhillips use Reflex Marine crane transfer carriers in many regions, including Asia and Indonesia.

The original FROG was pioneered over 25 years ago. Since then, the renewed model was launched, which is the FROG-XT range. 

It is a revolutionary carrier that has been deployed globally. The latest carrier, WAVE-4, draws on two decades of expertise to offer an innovative low volume solution for standing passengers. Another product is STORM-WORK, which is suitable for carrying out a wide range of tasks such as inspections, painting and repair work.

All of Reflex Marine transfer basket products have impact protection from hard landings or collisions as well as immersion protection; in the worst case of immersion in water, the flotation and self-righting allows workers to escape to a safe position. With an unparalleled safety record, Reflex Marine FROGs are involved in over one million safe personnel transfers around the world every year.

FROG XT-4 Reflex Marine PT Kemenangan safest transfer basket


An anti-vibration mounting is an elastic item made of rubber, which is acting as a barrier between two objects to reduce noise and vibration.

FROG XT-6 Reflex Marine PT Kemenangan safest transfer basket


Keman Elastomeric Bearing Pad has been used widely to support structures such as road and bridges.

FROF XT-10 for 10 people personnel transfer basket


Expansion joint is a flexible connector made of metal and rubber to absorb thermal expansion or terminal movement or mechanical vibration in a piping system.

WAVE 4 the word's safest stand up personnel transfer basket better than billy pugh


Anti-Vibration Joint is a rubber connector to isolate the vibration from one side to another to protect PVC pipes installed on elevated toll roads.