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The safest standing personnel transfer basket

WAVE-4 securely transports four standing passengers and has the smallest footprint of any rigid carrier for standing passengers. Similarly like FROG, WAVE-4 also has the buoyancy feature and self-righting feature in case of immersion. WAVE-4 can also fit a stretcher in case of emergency medical evacuation.
Although WAVE-4 requires its passenger to stand up, it passes a vertical impact of 2.14 m/s drop test. WAVE-4 also has an EVA foam shock absorbing and durable landing feet, which provides passenger protection during landing.

Other Personnel Transfer Baskets:

FROG XT-4 Reflex Marine PT Kemenangan safest transfer basket


FROG XT4 is suitable for 4 person carrier. It has the smallest footprint to fit in a container.

FROG XT-6 Reflex Marine PT Kemenangan safest transfer basket


This 6 person carrier is equipped with buoyancy device, 3 point harness, and stainless steel frame.

FROF XT-10 for 10 people personnel transfer basket


Reflex Marine FROG XT10 allows you to carry 10 people or 2 people and two stretchers. It can withstand operational wind up to 40 knots.