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PT Kemenangan supports warehouse, distribution centers & logistics centers.

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PT Kemenangan works with warehouse owners and operators, distribution centers, and logistics centers. Our warehouse bumper is made of high quality rubber and steel plate enforcement. Our warehouse bumpers are suitable for warehouses like, Astra Honda Motor (AHM), Mega Manunggal Property (MMP), PT Bumi Benowo, Shopee, Tokopedia, Amazon Distribution and Logistics, K-Log Park, and many other.

Keman Rubber Warehouse Bumper

Warehouse Bumper

Keman Warehouse Bumpers are made of high quality and new rubber with steel plate as the reinforcement. One of our customers is Astra Honda Motor.

Keman D Fender PT Kemenangan

D Fender

Keman Rubber D Fender is a multi-function fender that can be installed as dock fenders, boat fenders, or as warehouse bumpers. Our Fenders have steel plate in them.

Keman Square Fender PT Kemenangan

Square Fender

Keman Square Fender is a simple type for fender and can be installed either horizontally or vertically at ship docks by using supplied bolts. 

Box Fender, Rectangular Fender PT Kemenangan

Rectangular Fender

Keman Rectangular Fenders are either solid or hollow and can be installed as dock fenders or as warehouse bumpers.