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Buoy Stability Design

Keman Marine engineers will gladly provide consulting help.

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PT Kemenangan has the expertise to do mooring calculation, analysis, and simulation using CAD software. Here we can get enough safety factor to moor at certain water depth. We will also get the recommended tension on the mooring rope. Our analysis is in accordance to Fleet Mooring and API-RP-2SK 3rd Edition, October 2005.

PT Kemenangan has the capability to do Structural Analysis using simulation software to get the maximum stress points and deformation during mooring in the ocean.

PT Kemenangan has the facility to do buoyancy test in-house so we can also find out the stability of the mooring buoys and comparing it to the calculations of the mooring analysis.

PT Kemenangan can also do load test to find out if there is any crack or deformities at the lifting eyes and mooring eyes of the mooring buoys.