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Deep Water Floats

Keman Deeap Water Floats are certified.

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Deep water floats are floating devices that can go underwater as deep as 10,000 meter deep in the ocean. Keman deep water floats are filled with ultra-high density foam, such as Polyurethane or other syntactic foam. Keman deep water floats are rugged and also high visible, suitable for used with ROV (remotely operated vehicle) for underwater survey activities. Deep Water Floats can be used a buoyancy line of a subsea cable. The floats provide low-drag distributed buoyancy for many applications, like offshore, commercial, military, or oceanographic applications. Keman Deep Water Floats can be designed to use nuts and bolts or 316 stainless steel band clamps for easy and fast deployment. Keman Deep Water Floats can be installed using divers or ROV (Remotely Operated underwater Vehicle) operations. Keman deep water floats are available in many different shapes and configurations so that they can function well according to the surrounding environments. Our in-house design and engineering team will calculate and simulate custom designs according to the each body of water conditions so that the deep water floats can function properly as needed.

Keman Deep Water Floats

Some advantages of Keman Deep Water Floats

  • Can go as deep as 10,000 meter
  • Paired with 316 stainless steel metal
  • Filled with syntactic foam
  • Customizable

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Please do not hesitate asking us should you have any question or concern.

Do we use virgin PE (polyethylene) resin?
Yes, Keman PE buoys and PE floats are made of original or virgin polyethylene resin. We do not use recycled polyethylene to make sure high quality properties are achieved and attained from the original PE compound.
How deep can Keman Deep Water Floats go?
Keman Deep Water Floats can be installed at 10,000 meters depth. Our highly skilled designers and engineers can simulate the designs to make sure they will work well in the real applications.
What kind of metal accessories are included with the deep sea floats?

Keman Deep Water Floats come with all of the neccessary accessories depending on the design. All metal parts are 316 stainless steel.