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Chain Support Buoy

Keman Pick-Up Buoy or Chain Support Buoy has been trusted by many oil and gas companies.

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Keman Chain Support Buoy can also be used as a Pick-Up Buoy because of its relatively small size. Keman Chain Support Buoy is the first locally manufactured in Indonesia. This type of pick-up buoy is very durable, has high buoyancy, easy to deploy and yet still customizable. 

Keman Chain Support Buoys are available in two types; chain-through type and center-pipe type. Keman Chain Support Buoys are designed and engineered according to the specified workload and buoyancy.


Keman Chain Support Buoys have metallic parts, which can be ordered as hot dipped galvanized, cold galvanized, or coated with marine paint. PT Kemenangan uses high quality closed cell PE (polyethylene) foam inside the buoy to make sure it has high energy-absorbing capabilities.

Keman Chain Support Buoys are covered with polyurethane or polyurea (PU) elastomeric skin, so that our buoys have very good elasticities and excellent UV resistant, as well as preventing damages from abrasion.

Keman Chain Support Buoy

Why Keman Chain Support Buoy is the best?

  • Long Experience
  • A to Z marine solutions
  • IALA, PIANC standards
  • Good QA system

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Please do not hesitate asking us should you have any question or concern.

Can we use Keman Chain Support Buoy as a Pick-Up Buoy

Keman Chain Support Buoys are realtively small in size and easy to be deployed and stowed. 

What are the sizes available for Keman Chain Support Buoys?

Our Keman Chain Support Buoys are available from 500 mm to 2,500 mm in diameter. Please let us know if you need sizes that are smaller or bigger than our standard sizes.

What are the lengths of Keman Chain Support Buoys?

Our Keman Chain Support Buoys range from 500 mm to 3,500 mm in length. Please ask us for custom sizes to match with you requirements.

What are the buoyancy of Keman Chain Support Buoys?

Our Keman Chain Support Buoys are made to have buoyance from 800 to 6,000 kg. Please do not heasitate asking us for buoyancy that matches your projects.

What are the pipe's diameter of Keman Chain Support Buoys?

Keman Chain Support Buoys’ pipe internal diameter ranges from 330 to 508 mm. Please do ask us for custom sizes.