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 Stress & Load Analysis for Rubber Bearing Pad

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PT Kemenangan has a reputable experience and skills to design the required dimension and structure to withstand the working load of bearing pads using manual calculation as well as using high end simulation softwares. 

Our customers are welcome to witness actual testing. We will gladly arrange deflection tests (compression tests). PT Kemenangan is confident with our high standard products.


Please do not hesitate asking us should you have any question or concern.

How does PT Kemenangan know a bearing pads size is safe and suitable for a bridge or construction project?

PT Kemenangan has a long and good experience in selecting and manufacturing bearing pads. Our CAD software can also show stress points on the bearing pads, so we can make sure that the type of a bearing pads selected is the best one.

Are fender selection service included when buying fenders from PT Kemenangan?

PT Kemenangan gladly supports our customers for any kind of project they are having. Please do not hesitate contacting us.