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Industrial Rubber Products

Our rubber product brand is Keman Rubber. It has been widely used throughout the world.

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Keman Rubber produces many different rubber articles, such as Rubber Roller, Warehouse Bumper, Rubber Spacer, Expansion Joint, Rubber Screen, and Dock & Slip Numbers. Our products are ISO and SNI certified. PT Kemenangan produces custom rubber products made from natural rubber as well as synthetic rubber, like NBR, SBR, TPR, EPDM, and neoprene.

Rubber Roll Rollindo PT Kemenangan

Rubber Roller

Keman Rubber Roller used to be known as Rollindo Rubber Roll. Our experience and quality speaks for itself since 1984. Do not settle for less.

Keman Rubber Warehouse Bumper

Warehouse Bumper

Keman Warehouse Bumpers are made of high quality and new rubber with steel plate as the reinforcement. High quality products always remember Keman Rubber.

Keman Rubber Spacer PT Kemenangan

Rubber Spacer

Keman Rubber Spacer is avalable for all your spacer needs. Our rubber spacers have high tensile strength, which is best for protecting your most valuable equipments.

Keman Rubber Bridge Expansion Joint

Expansion Joint

Keman Expansion Joint has been trusted to protect bridges, buildings, and structures by absorbing temperature induced expansion and contraction of construction materials.

Rubber Screen Keman Rubber PT Kemenangan for mining

Rubber Screen

Keman Rubber Screen is a screening media made of rubber. Our high quality rubber screen can withstand high abrasive and high impact items groing through it.

Keman Rubber Kade meter quay wall number PT Kemenangan

Dock & Slip Numbers

Our famous dock & slip numbers, often called kade meter in Indonesia, have been ordered by many dock owners and operators, like Pelindo.

Ship Launching Airbags ISO14409 PT Kemenangan

Ship Launching Airbag

Keman ship launching airbags are manufactured and tested in accordance to ISO 14409 regarding Ships and marine technology – ship launching air bags and certified by CCS, LR, DNV. It is constructed of an outer rubber layer and synthetic tyre cord layer, and an inner rubber layers.

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