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Keman V Fender

Marine Rubber Fender

Keman Rubber Fenders are PIANC and ISO certified

Repairs & Rentals

We are committed in helping you save costs
Keman Floating Rubber Hose

Rubber Hose

High pressure or low pressure, floating or FDA approved hose are available

Keman Light Buoy

Navigation Buoy

Navigation Buoys with Lights or not are available for your safety

Keman Mooring Buoy

Mooring Buoy

We produce both steel and polyethylene mooring buoys

Keman Rubber Bearing Pad

Rubber Bearing Pad

Elastomer Bearing Pad or Lead Bearing Pad are available


Skilled Designers & Engineers

Our in house designers and engineers will calculate and simulate all your projects requirements with the necessary safety factors.

The Newest Technology in Manufacturing

Our machines, techniques, and robots can produce the highest precision products.

High Quality Manufacturing Management

We are ISO certified manufacturing facilities. Our skills are proven.

No Product Too Complex or Too Easy for Us to Manufacture

PT Kemenangan will gladly help you in conquering and completing all your projects. We have various background and experience to support our future projects with you.

We have built new docks, piers, jetties as well as repairing old structures.

Our team will gladly support all your needs, whether installation needs, training needs or any other need required.

Our products have been installed in many countries in Asia, Australia, Europe, and America. We are stand behind and proud of our products.

Call for a Consultation

We Have over

Years of Experience

We are proud to have extensive experience in industrial rubber manufacturing, as well as plastic and steel manufacturing especially in marine, harbor, mining, and plantation industry.

Customer Testimonials

“PT Kemenangan produces high quality products with a competitive price. Product discussion and alternative solutions are really helpful.”

Krakatau Bandar Samudera

“PT Kemenangan has a complete facility to produce high quality products and a complete set of product testing tools.”

Adhi Karya

“PT Kemenangan has proven references, offering top level service and extensive experience in product design and engineering.”

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