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Keman Hose

Keman Hose is the best industrial and household hose in Indonesia.

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PT Kemenangan produces high quality rubber and PVC hoses, which are manufactured using European automatic machines. Our Keman Rubber hoses are available for low and high pressure, from heavy duty industries all the way to household hoses.

Keman Rubber Hose for Industrial PT Kemenangan

Rubber Hose

Keman Rubber Hose is available in regular and as a floating hose. Keman Rubber Hose can be used for many different applications, such as transporting water, air, sludge or slurry, oil, gasoline, chemicals, sand, rocks, cement or any other abrasive and hot items.

KemanFlex PVC Hose PT Kemenangan selang spiral, selang suction, selang dof, selang taman, selang anti lumut, selang air, selang kompresor, selang gas, SNI, selang benang, selang kawat

PVC Hose

PVC Hose: KemanFlex Hose is manufactured using Japanese standard and toxic free material. KemanFlex Hose is available for oxygen, acetylene, compressor, air, water, LPG, twin welding, nylon, garden hose, steel wire, suction hose, and lay flat hose.

Keman Hose Stabilizer PT Kemenangan

Hose Stabilizer

Hose stabilizer is a device to secure two or more rubber hoses from being tangled either under the water or on the water surface. Keman Hose Stabilizer is made of high quality polyethylene as well rust-proof metallic parts.

High Quality Pulsation Rubber Bladder dampener - PT Kemenangan

Rubber Bladder Dampener

Keman Rubber Bladder Dampener are available for liquid processing machines. We produce our Rubber Pulsation Dampener in various sizes and various materials.

Butterfly Valve Rubber Liner PT Kemenangan

Butterfly Valve

Keman Rubber Butterfly Valves are rubber liners for the inside of butterfly valves. Our high quality rubber will last for a long time.

Rubber Dredging Sleeve PT Kemenangan

Dredging Rubber Sleeve

PT Kemenangan manufactures rubber dredge sleeve from natural rubber as well as from synthenic rubber. Dredging sleeves are the connectors between two pipes.

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