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Navy & Coast Guard

PT Kemenangan is a trusted supplier of the Indonesian Navy & Coast Guard.

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PT Kemenangan has been a trusted supplier of the Indonesian Navy, Coast Guard, KPLP, PolAir, Bakamla for many years.

Some of the products we offer including Keman Marine Rubber Fender, Aids to Navigation, Inflatable Fenders, Inflatable Buoys, and many other products.

Boat Fender, Tug Fender, by PT Kemenangan

Boat Fender

Keman Boat Fenders are used to give protection all around the side of tugboats, pilot boats, police patrol boats, coast guard ships, and supply vessels.

KemanFlex PVC Hose PT Kemenangan

PVC Hose

PVC Hose: KemanFlex Hose is manufactured using Japanese standard and toxic free material. KemanFlex Hose is available for oxygen, acetylene, compressor, air, water, LPG, twin welding, nylon, garden hose, steel wire, suction hose, and lay flat hose.

Inflatable Buoy PT Kemenangan

Inflatable Buoys

A RACON is a radar beacon, which  puts an image on the radar display. Tideland Signal has the best racon produced in the world.

Dan-Fender Inflatable Fender PT Kemenangan Polyform

Inflatable Fenders

PT Kemenangan manufactures GRP tower, lattice tower, and single pipe tower. We produce custom designed tower according to your needs.