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Mooring Buoy

Keman Buoy are made in accorandance to international standards.

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Keman Mooring Buoys are available to choose from Steel Mooring Buoys, Polyethylene Buoys, and Elastomer Mooring Buoys. Keman Mooring Buoys can be produced with diameter of 1.5 meter to 8 meter. PT Kemenangan accepts custom orders for diameter larger than 8 meter or any other special designs.

Keman Mooring Buoys are available in several different shapes, such as barrel buoys, peg-top buoys, cylindrical buoys, or any other custom designs. We offer our mooring buoys complete with the accessories, such as rubber fenders, bollards, manholes, partitions, compartments. All of the accessories can be specially made to match your requirements.

Keman Mooring Buoys come with lifting eyes, mooring eyes, and aluminum anode. Keman Mooring Buoys both steel and PE have center pipes or hawse pipes for chains to go through the hollow pipes. A quick release hook may be installed at the top of our mooring buoys for easier operations.

Keman Mooring Buoys

Keman Mooring Buoys are available in steel, polyethylene, and elastomer. Some desgins that are available are:

  • Barrel Buoys
  • Cylindrical Buoys
  • Peg-Top Buoys

Other Mooring Equipment Products:

Marine Anchors PT Kemenangan

Keman Anchor

Keman Anchors are made from high quality steel and processed with highly skilled manufacturing techniques. 

Keman Bollard correct load

Harbour Bollard

Keman Bollard is available many different types, Harbour Bollard or Bitt Bollard, made of cast iron and cast steel.

Inflatable Buoy PT Kemenangan

Inflatable Buoy

Inflatable Buoys made in Denmark with top quality but priced more competitive than Norway or US buoys.

Mooring Hawser Rope PT Kemenangan


PT Kemenangan supplies mooring hawser in any diameter, both in fiber or plastic.


Please do not hesitate asking us should you have any question or concern.

Are Keman Mooring Buoys available in steel?

Keman Steel Mooring Buoys are available. They are made of in mild steel. Keman Steel Mooring Buoys are very sturdy and long lasting.

Are Keman Mooring Buoys available in PE (polyethylene)?

Keman Mooring Buoys are available in PE or polyethylene. Plastic buoys are easier to transport, they are relatively cheaper than steel buoys. Polyethylene buoys are maintenance free because they will not rust.

Does PT Kemenangan supply the buoys with their accessories?

PT Kemenangan supplies our buoys complete with their accessories, such as steel anchors, concrete sinkers.