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Mooring Hawser

Keman Mooring Hawser’s is OCIMF certified.

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Hawser is a nautical term for a thick rope used in mooring or towing a ship or to anchor marker buoys or chain support buoys, which usually made of fiber, plastics or wire in large circumference.

Keman Mooring Hawsers is available in broad range of sizes and capacities. Our mooring haswers are made from nylon, polyester, and polypropylene.

We have mooring hawsers from reputable manufacturers, like DSR from Korea, Oliveira Ropes from Portugal, and Lankhorst Offshore from Portugal. Allof our mooring hawsers are OCIMF certified. Please rest assure when placing orders with us, you should receive the cheapest price locally.

PT Kemenangan also sells Lace-on Floats to connect with the mooring hawsers.

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