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PT Kemenangan sells safe & well designed marine products.

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PT Kemenangan sells inflatable buoys and inflatable fenders that are color customizable. Besides that, PT Kemenangan also sells PE boats and various PVC hoses to five star hotels and resorts in Bali, Bintan, Bangka, Belitung, Lombok, Derawan, Kepulauan Wakatobi, Karimunjawa, Labengki, Pulau Weh, Pulau Banda Neira, Pulau Cinta, dan Kepulauan Raja Ampat.

Some high-end hotels and resorts that have been a loyal customer of PT Kemenangan are Macaronis Resort, Wakatobi Resort & Montigo Resort.

Dan-Fender Inflatable Fender PT Kemenangan Polyform

Inflatable Fender

PT Kemenangan sells PVC inflatable fenders made in Denmark. Many people in Indonesia call this as Polyform. Dan-Fender inflatable fenders are the most cost efficient.

KemanFlex PVC Hose PT Kemenangan

KemanFlex PVC Hose

KemanFlex Hose is Japanese quality hose, available for compressor, air, water, LPG, welding, garden hose, wire, suction, and lay flat hose.

Inflatable Buoy PT Kemenangan

Inflatable Buoys

Dan-Fender Heavy Duty Inflatable Buoys are designed to ensure maximum protection for your yacht or boat. Dan-Fender is made in Denmark, Europe.

Keman Boat PE Boat Polyethylene Boat HDPE Boat by PT Kemenangan

Keman PE Boat

PT Kemenangan manufactures PolyEthylene (PE) Boat. PE Boat is strong, durable, and leak proof. Keman Boat is made as a whole no welding.