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Dock Side Fender

Keman Rubber’s rubber fender quality has been trusted by many reputable companies in the world.

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Marine Rubber Fender is a bumper used to protect structures by absorbing the energy of a ship against a marine dock or other ship. A good elastomeric fender unit has to have a high energy absorption capability and low reaction force. This fender is manufactured from natural rubber and not from recycled rubber.

Marine dock fender types and sizes are determined by size of vessels, type of vessels, tonnage of the vessels, length, load draft, breath, and many other factors. The berthing speed and berthing angle will also contribute to the fender selection. Some other things like wave conditions, wind speed, and current speed are also affecting fender selections.

We manufacture V Fender, Cell Fender, M Fender, I Fender, D Fender, Cone Fender, Element Fender, and many other types.

Keman Rubber Fender is a high quality marine fender designed by our engineers. Our rubber fender has been exported to Singapore, Australia, Qatar, Canada, Myanmar (Burma), France, UAE, etc.

We are ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 certified, as well as SNI, PIANC, IALA, APDN, TAC, BKI, and Lloyd’s Register.

Keman V Fender by PT Kemenangan

V Fender

Keman Arch Fender is a rigid rubber fender. V Fender is the most popular type of dock fender. Our V type marine fender is PIANC certified.

Keman Cell Fender

Cell Fender

Keman Cell Fender is a super quality fender that has one of the best EA-RF (Energy Absorption Reaction Force) from a dock fender.

Cone Fender PT Kemenangan

Cone Fender

Keman Cell Fender can withstand as much as 52.5% deflection without any damage. Keman Cell Fenders uses UHMW-PE panels so ships can slide better.

I Fender Keman Rubber by PT Kemenangan

I Fender

Keman I Fenders are similar to arch fenders but stand seperately and in pairs. This I type has good Energy Absorption to Reaction Force ratio.

Keman Element Fender PT Kemenangan

Element Fender

Keman Element Fenders are covered by Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) panels to reduce friction between the rubber fender and vessels.

Keman M Fender PT Kemenangan

M Fender

Keman M Fender is similar to arch fender type V or type A. Keman M Fender can deliver a better Energy Absoroption to Reaction Force ratio than a simple V Fender.

Keman D Fender PT Kemenangan

D Fender

Keman Rubber D Fender is a multi-function fender that can be installed as dock fenders, boat fenders, or as warehouse bumpers. Our Fenders have steel plate in them.

Keman Rectangular Fender PT Kemenangan

Rectangular Fender

Keman Rectangular Fenders are either solid or hollow and can be installed as dock fenders or as warehouse bumpers.

Keman Square Fender PT Kemenangan

Square Fender

Keman Square Fender is a simple type for fender and can be installed either horizontally or vertically at ship docks by using supplied bolts. 

KTF Keman Tug Boat Fender PT Kemenangan

Tugboat Fender

Keman Tugboat Fenders consists of Bow & Stern Fenders, and Side Fenders. Cylindrical Tugboat Fenders, M Fenders, W Fenders, and Keyhole Fenders.

KWF Keman W Fender PT Kemenangan

W Fender

Keman W Fenders or M fenders produce a super elastic protection to the bow and stern of tug boats, pusher barges, work boats, and quay corners.

Keman D Fender PT Kemenangan

Boat Fender

Keman Boat Fenders are used to give protection all around the side of tugboats, pilot boats, police patrol boats, coast guard ships, and supply vessels.

Keman Rub strips PT Kemenangan


Keman Rubber produces rubstrips to protect offshore structures and the jacket legs from boats landing on the platform docks.

Keman Cylindrical Fender PT Kemenangan

Cylindrical Fender

Keman Cylindrical Fenders provide an economical protection for bow and stern fenders of ships and can also be installed for dock protections.

Keman A typed Fender PT Kemenangan

A Fender

Keman A type fender is another design of arch fender and can be installed either horizontally or vertically at the jetty by using supplied bolts.

Keman Rubber Ladder

Rubber Ladder

Keman Rubber Ladder is a practical accessory for the wharf or dock to do any maintenance work or as a way to board and disembark a small boat.

Keman Roll Fender manufactured by PT Kemenangan

Roller Fender

Keman Roller Fender is good to reduce frictions between pontoons or jetties and the vessels while being mooered. The frictions are caused by the movement  caused by the wave.

Other Keman Marine Fenders:

Dan-Fender Inflatable Fender PT Kemenangan Polyform

Inflatable Fender

PT Kemenangan sells PVC inflatable fenders made in Denmark. Many people in Indonesia call this as Polyform. Dan-Fender inflatable fenders are the most cost efficient.

Keman Pneumatic Fender Yokohama PT Kemenangan ISO 17357

Pneumatic Fender

Keman Pneumatic Fender is ISO 17357-1:2014 certified by DNV-GL and has TKDN certification for local content. Keman Pneumatic Fenders are the most cost effective in Indonesia.

Keman Foam Filled Fender PT Kemenangan

Foam Filled Fender

Keman Foam Filled Fender has smooth surface and high flexibility, which allow self-shape adjustment against the berthing vessel. Keman Foam Filled Fender is the first produced in Indonesia.


Please do not hesitate asking us should you have any question or concern.

Do we use natural rubber?

Keman Rubber mostly uses natural rubber but we can modify our rubber compound recipe to best suit the condition of applications.

Does Keman Rubber have any certification?

Our products have been ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001/ISO45001 certified. Our fenders have also been certified according to PIANC 2002 standards. We have acquired Type Approval Certifications (TAC), SNI (Standard Nasional Indonesia).

Does PT Kemenangan have any testing tool?

Our workshop has most of the necessary testing tools, starting from testing raw materials, rubber compounds, as well as the finished products. 

Does PT Kemenangan accept custom design request?

Most of our Keman Rubber products are based on custom designs. Our in-house designers and engineers design and simulate using the latest software in the industry.

Does PT Kemenangan offer product installation?

We gladly offer your end to end needs, may it be the custom selection of raw materials, custom product design, all the way to almost impossible locations for installing our products. PT Kemenangan gives you the best complete solutions for your peace of mind.