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Our Products

We have a huge range of high quality products for the marine, oil and gas industry, as well as other industries and households.

Keman Aids to Navigation

Aids to Navigation

Aids to Navigation is all kind of navigational marker helping ships, ports, port authorities to have safe and sound sails through all kind of weather conditions.

Keman Mooring Buoys Steel and PE Buoys

Mooring Equipment

Mooring equipment is a structure to which a vessel may be secured. Some examples of the fixed structures are quays, wharfs, jetties, piers, anchor buoys, and mooring buoys.

Keman PE Floats

Industrial Floats

Floats, which are also called pontoons, are airtight hollow structures designed to provide buoyancy in the water. Keman Floats and Keman PE Buoys are made of virgin polyethylene.

Keman Industrial Rubber

Industrial Rubber Products

Keman Rubber produces many different rubber articles, such as Rubber Roller, Warehouse Bumper, Rubber Spacer, Expansion Joint, Rubber Screen, and Dock & Slip Numbers. 

Keman Dock Fender

Marine Rubber Fender

Marine Rubber Fender is a bumper used to protect structures by absorbing the energy of a ship against a marine dock or other ship.

Anti Vibration Rubber Keman

Anti Vibration Products

PT Kemenangan produces several types of anti-vibration devices. We produces rubber bearing pads, vibration mountings, and expansion joints.

Rubber Hose, PVC Hose

Rubber & PVC Hose

PT Kemenangan produces high quality rubber and PVC hoses, which are manufactured using European automatic machines. Our Keman Rubber hoses are available for low and high pressure, from heavy duty industries all the way to household hoses.

FROG personnel transfer basket

Personnel Transfer Basket

PT Kemenangan is the sole agent and distributor of Reflex Marine, the safest Personnel Transfer Basket manufacturer from UK selling FROG XT-4, FROG XT-6, and WAVE-4. Reflex Marine units are an upgrade from Billy Pugh styled transfer basket.

Meteorological Instruments SAGIM TOTEX

Meteorological Instruments

Meteorological instruments are equipment used to find the state of the atmosphere at any given time. Meteorology is a science which does not use much laboratory equipment but relies more on on-site observation and remote sensing equipment.

Climatological Instruments

Climatological Products

Climatological products are products to measure rainfall, temperature and atmospheric composition. 

Kinemetrics seismograph accelerometer accelerograph

Geophysical Products

PT Kemenangan sells world leading seismometer and seismograph from Kinemetrics, USA, as well as Quanterra Qantix Q8.

Erosion Protection SSCS

Scour Protection Systems

Scour Protection Systems and Services by Seabed Scour Control Systems Limited is a system and method to prevent scour (erosion) at seabed sediment.

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