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Ship Launching Airbag

Our ship launching airbag complies with ISO 14409 certification.

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Keman ship launching airbags are manufactured and tested in accordance to ISO 14409 regarding Ships and marine technology – ship launching air bags and certified by CCS, LR, DNV. It is constructed of an outer rubber layer and synthetic tyre cord layer, and an inner rubber layers.

The airbag can withstand high pressure as high as 800 KPa and its high quality makes it to be an anti-puncture airbag.

We use S316 stainless steel for the airbag head avoiding irreparable damage at the ends. The drag end could stand the whole weight of the airbag and is very convenient to be dragged by a crane.


The airbags use nylon-6 dipped cord fabric, 3 chords, with single strength of more than 313 N, which is 1.5 times than the competing manufacturers. The rubber used is 100% natural rubber, which has lifetime of at least 2 to 3 times longer than competing products when using recycled rubber.

Along with great reputations around the world, the  ship launching airbags have been widely used not only in Indonesia but also in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Oceania, South and North America.

Why choose Keman airbags?

Keman ship launching airbags are more superior than other brands.

  • ISO 14409 certified
  • Nylon-6 dipped fabrics
  • 800 kPa pressure

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