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Oil & Gas Industry

PT Kemenangan works with local and foreign oil & gas companies.

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PT Kemenangan happily supports Oil & Gas industry in Indonesia as well as outside Indonesia. PT Kemenangan has been working with Pertamina, Chevron, BP, Exxon Mobil, and many others.

We offer our Keman Marine Rubber Fender, Keman Rubber Hose, Steel Mooring Buoys, PE Navigation Buoys, Expansion Joint, Aids to Navigation, Rubber Screen, Kinemetrics accelerograph, Rubstrips, Chains & Anchors, and many other products.

Keman Dock Fender

Dock Fender

Keman Dock Side Fenders are manufactured according to our software and simulation. Keman rubber compound produces the most suitable tensile strength and elongation for fenders.

Keman Rubber Hose for Industrial PT Kemenangan

Rubber Hose

Keman Rubber Hose is available in regular and as a floating hose. Keman Rubber Hose can be used for many different applications, such as transporting water, air, sludge or slurry, oil, gasoline, chemicals, sand, rocks, cement or any other abrasive and hot items.

Keman Mooring Buoy

Mooring Buoys

Keman Mooring Buoys are available in steel and PE (polyethylene). Our design and build are in accordance to IALA & PIANC standards.

Mooring & Navigation Buoys Installation by PT Kemenangan

Navigation Buoy

Light Buoy or Navigational Buoy is a marker buoy, which has a light lantern attached to it as well radar reflector so ships can navigate well through the body of water.

Keman Aids to Navigation

Aids to Navigation

Aids to Navigation is all kind of navigational marker helping ships, ports, port authorities to have safe and sound sails through all kind of weather conditions.

Marine Lantern Tideland Orga Sabik Sealite

Marine Lantern

PT Kemenangan offers a complete range of marine light lantern produced by the world leader in marine lantern made by Orga Signal previously Tideland Signal.

RACON Radar Beacon Orga Pharos


A RACON is a radar beacon, which  puts an image on the radar display. Tideland Signal has the best racon produced in the world.

Keman Rub strips PT Kemenangan


Keman Rubber produces rubstrips to protect offshore structures and the jacket legs from boats landing on the platform docks.